The Martels

One day I received a phone call from Larry French, who got my name from Robbie Lane. They were looking to add a sax player to their band.


Fragments of their legacy web site can be seen here:

Band Bios at the legacy page:

The Martels got their start many years ago during the era of a Canadian Rock n Roll teen idol, Bobby Curtola. The story is told here:

Midland Teen Town poster

For a group that was mainly popular in the Huronia Ontario area, this band really hit the mark as feeling “big time”. At nearly all our shows we were given the VIP treatment and there were many really nice “green room” setups for us.

At some shows we made a grand appearance riding into the venue arenas on classic car convertibles.

Around the 10th year of my tenure, we played the Midland Teen Town again and were each honoured to receive a plaque from the Town of Midland.

Presented to the Martels Rock & Roll Show on the occasion of their 20th Anniversary of the Midland Teen Town Reunion – August 28th and 29th, 1998 on behalf of the Town of Midland – Mayor George MacDonald

For many years the band played a Canada Day show at Midland’s Little Lake Park. To honour the group for these legendary shows, in 2011 Midland named a small roadway into the park, “THE MARTELS LANE”.


This was definitely our last show, June 30, 2019… no talk of doing it again anytime in the future. Shortly after that, the website came down. It was final.

What to do with my Martels gig clothes? Hmmm…


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