Robbie Lane & The Disciples

Playing with this very tight, well-respected and popular Toronto group was a blast. We had all known of each other as we were getting established in the early years of our respective journeys.

Personnel in 1983

  • Lead vocals – Robbie Lane (Robin Curry)
  • Piano – Paul Denyes
  • Bass – Gene Trach
  • Drums – Kirk Shearer
  • Guitar – Terry Bush
  • Tenor sax, bari sax, harmonica – Bill Cudmore
  • Tenor sax – Russ Strathdee

I had played with a few of these guys before, such as Bill Cudmore (aka Wicked William), as if in a former life. Bill was a studio sax player during the 1969 Majestics sessions with Arc Records.

Living in Willowdale during the 1950s, Robbie was starting up a garage band (literally) just down the road at his parents’ place when we were teens.

I had known guitarist Terry Bush from when he would show up at the Club Bluenote and when he started his very successful Jingle business.

I had met pianist Paul Denyes when the Majestics played at Hidden Valley. He had his own group called The Hub.

We did a few gigs in 1983-84 but it was a changing landscape. I was in the process of moving to Barrie; Robbie was living in Toronto; he had access to a lot of other sax players.

This was one or our Set Lists

Robin said to me Feb 10, 2022 that he thinks I can toss this list now. haha


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