All By Myself – The Song

By Russ:

Three totally different songs with the same title, “All By Myself“, are presented for your amazement. The first song was written by Big Bill Broonzy in 1941 but it was not put on the musical map until 14 years later by Fats Domino with some rewrite of the lyrics.

The second song by Eric Carmen in 1976 was entirely different, being a very sad ballad.

Then Daryl Hall came along with yet another one with the same title, but this one was way more rhythmic and punchy.


Bill Broonzy (Okeh 06427 1941) – Broonzy was the author.


Roy Hall‘s early Rockabilly version, released on Decca records in 1955


Fats Domino released his big hit version of this song in 1955 with different lyrics – on his album, “Rock and Rollin’ with Fats Domino”.  Here he is with Herbert Hardesty, his original sax player






Many other artists have had their way with the Broonzy song over the years, too numerous to mention.

Eric Carmen wrote an entirely different piece with the same title. It became a block buster… released in 1975. The verse is based on the second movement (Adagio sostenuto) of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Opus 18. The chorus is borrowed from the song “Let’s Pretend”, which Carmen wrote and recorded with the Raspberries in 1972.




Celine Dion really lets out some of her vocal power on this one.

Now, for something quite different, here is Daryl Hall performing his “All By Myself”.

As an aside…

Perhaps there should be a law: “You can’t reuse a song title”

It sure gets confusing. As a musician, I have often had to think twice when someone mentions a tune such as ,  ‘Dancing In The Dark– my first inclination is to recall the one from when I was as a child. It was very popular, being played by a host of big bands…

Too old, too many songs in my head.


6 thoughts on “All By Myself – The Song”

  1. Hey Russ!
    Wonder how many of your subscribers know that that fellow helping Charice used to pound the 88’s for Toronto’s Ronnie Hawkins… .before he found a couple of other things to do with his time.


  2. Hi Russ
    Have you seen Puddles version? He adds a new pathos to the song.

    I always thought Michael Jackson was over-hyped but after listening to his version I have a whole new respect for his vocal chops.

    Same title – different song – this one written by Irving Berlin. A version by Bobby Darin or another version by Ella Fitzgerald and a 1921 version

    Another different song with a completely different point of view on the theme

    I better stop there!


    1. Les!! You blew me away with all these additional versions of “All By Myself”. Way to go, man. Very much appreciated.
      I should have included Irving Berlin’s song. What was I thinking!
      – Russ


  3. Russ/Gary
    You 2 can do MAGIC with music and various artists doing other peoples songs. Fats was my main man when it came to the 88’s and singing the mold was thrown-away when he died, there will never be a singer like him with a million hits. Ask RANDY”S RECORD SHOP in GALLATIN, Tenn.
    Hope you are having Some SUMMER FUN.





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